in full screen

For fans of browser games recently released It is a harmonious blend of the classic Snake with some racing action. Here, gamers will have to eat the glowing dots, or opponents of the remains. In a competitive environment it is necessary to become a giant snake, which will absorb everything in the universe called It will not be easy. For each user tries to win a place in the top. Play Sliterio need maximum concentration. So turn off the cell phone and close the Skype – a great start.

Management fairly simple. The mouse will allow the snake to move, setting the direction. Clicking is equivalent to acceleration. But you need to accelerate in incredibly carefully. It is possible to accidentally run into a snake and have to start anew gameplay. So, of course, better to be very careful.

Fans of the classic “snake” will surely appreciate by dignity in full screen. After all, the schedule here is much better than it was a traditional application. Yes, and the gameplay more entertaining because of the presence of the set of rivals. But here’s the rub, the dynamism of this pastime. Play thus it is harder. But and created for those who are not looking for easy solutions. You go after their goals with confidence, without stopping because of the obstacles? Then it is likely to be a leader for you. It is often accompanied by a rapid fortune.