It is now widely popular so-called moving snake. The same name game Sliterio in analogy of the classic Snake. However, there is much more serious graphics. Dark background, on which there are numerous glowing dots, attracts many gamers. They quickly run and aspire to the heights. The objective gameplay is increasing in size. Play, absorb, but to grow. The bottom line is, in principle, uncomplicated. However, the conditions of constant growth is very difficult. multiplayer – another competitor multiplayer game Tipo Petri dishes, Agario and Biome 3D. But then at the disposal of the player – a good old zmeyuchka. Her play and familiar, and somehow more fun. The game draws from the first instants. implies stiff competition. In addition to grazing, and you can eat smaller brethren. This will become a big snake.

The rules are the same as in Agario. Management – mouse. Therefore, it is advisable that she was strong and reliable. Better yet, turn off the phone and all kinds of Internet based applications, that does not detract from the relaxation and pleasure.