official site

Ready to plunge into the incredible world, but want to know more, what will be the case? You can consult with experienced players in the respective forum. Ask about how to play, what features But there is a rational option. Visit official website. It explains that, in principle, the application resembles the fabled “snake”. It can be installed as in android and PC. System requirements are plain. After all browser software. But the gameplay rules even easier. Suffice it a good mouse and a complete focus on the gameplay.

In will play for the tiny worm, devouring some stardust. Everything shines. And it involves the hungry inhabitants of the virtual world. They violently attack the prey, eating everything and everyone in its path.

Game graphics are very good. Especially when compared with the resemblance Agario. However, that’s quite a dark background. Some of it does not appeal. Here, as they say, individually. By the way, the original is allowed to come up with their own nicknames. They may consist of letters and digits.