online online involves a kind of a walk on the playing field. Here you need to play and eat for continued growth. – it’s a little slippery snake, made by classical analogues of the same game. That is, the rules almost all familiar. The need to move online with the mouse. Available full screen. Good graphics. All quite clearly visible and not dazzled eyes. Therefore, you can play for a long time, but certainly not boring. After all, there will not have to miss. The game involves the constant movement. That dynamics attracted thousands of users from all over the world.

Your character is impetuous. He did not stop for a moment. But they kind of leadership of madness, he always runs forward. So you have to prilovchilis operational arm movements, otherwise you can get into your opponent’s tail, and then have to start anew gameplay. To grow – Pick up everything in its path. A lot of delicacies is located here. Each item will increase the size of the snake. From the colors chosen square will depend on how much you grow. But have a number of obstacles: walls, opponents and your own body. Be careful.