Choose a game based on the popular made in accordance Agario? Then the newcomer brauzerka skins – a perfect option. She will appreciate your interface. As the main characters of a small worm appears here. He will crawl across the field among his own kind. Sliterio places will amaze you. After all, some of the worms – the incredible dimensions. In large “brothers” game arena. The aim of gameplay will be eating balls. They are randomly scattered, or simply left after the destruction of enemies.

The more worm eats, the more dangerous. Enemy characters need to get round. After a collision followed by the completion of game. Generally in can cheat. For example, under the Podlazov enemy side. He breaks down in a collision on a tidy balls. Accelerated as acceptable. But this has to be careful, because the need to lose some of its length.

In online you can play with friends. To this end, it provides multiplayer. in management is not complicated, and the pastime is exciting and fun. Take a break from everyday worries with this application!