Today the Internet open spaces are filled with a variety of simulators. However Sliterio unique. This game vaguely reminiscent of the classic snake. It is browser-based and does not require special conditions for gameplay. The official website has It is possible to expand to fill the screen. For cheaters in already invented cheats. But unless they are available in multiplayer? This is not so important. Coming up with a nickname, it should be understood that above all else here dexterity online.

The main character will Sliterio little worm. He tends to grow. To do this, of course, have a lot to eat. That is to be played on the principle familiar to every Snake. The world incredibly difficult to survive without external support. Ready to help the little one grow and beat the competition online? Achieve incredible dimensions is possible only by being extremely cautious in dangerous world.

Early in the game the gamer is given a slug submitted a tiny square. If you care for it well, it will grow with time. To increase was significant, pick stars that are located randomly throughout the field With each new delicacy tail character will change. And very soon the baby will be noticeable in It will look like quite an impressive snake. Then we have to very careful. After all, you can simply hit the wall or bite its own tail. Then passing completed and efforts will be in vain.