Many users from the first instants liked the game about the adventures of a funny worm that lives in the depths of the earth. We are talking about Slither.o. In his world, he is alone. To survive – you need to have, and a lot. To find food, not difficult at all. If you look closely, it can be seen at almost every turn. Are you ready to help the little inexperienced character? We are confident that leave it alone to die? Then it’s time to go to the fascinating world

After starting the browser game the gamer will be in uncharted expanses. There is no sunlight, so in order not to fall into the trap, you have to be extremely careful. After playing thoughtlessly will come. The baby began to grow – look tidy Vitaminka necessary for its development. The online direct their worm in a predetermined direction. Then he will be able to absorb food. With each ball tail hero will increase.

If skillfully manage – it will be great. To go to the next level you need to play by collecting a certain amount of food. Be cautious, because crashing into the fence, your Persian will die and have to re-raise him.